On the footsteps of the Finnish Government 2023 program GPT bot, let's try the performance on something else: IFRS Standards. The context for this bot is built from IFRS standards constisting of ~1000 pages. The context building (=which parts of the original material is picked into GPT prompt and how) is not customised at all. In typical more challenging use cases this context building is crucial for the system performance so it is interesting to try how this performs without any customisation. Feel free to send any feedback via the form below!

I do not expect this to work perfectly AND thus it would be great to get some feedback how the system performs. Anyhow you can ask direct questions "What does IFRS say about sale and leaseback contracts?" or give an example "I have bought a business with 100 units with assets worth of 60. How do I depreciate the goodwill of 40? " (Thx Aleksi H for the example).

IFRS Standards interpretation GPT bot